Our Mission

01. Experience You Can Trust Your Repairs With

We guarantee quality repairs for you and your vehicle.

Our reputation and history of success with our clients and their vehicles needs speaks for itself. Over 75 % of our custom is based on repeat and word of mouth, or customer recommendation.This in turn keeps our advertising budgets down, which we pass onto our retail customer base in lower than industry standard prices


02. Dedicated Staff

With over 14 years paint and refinish experience the staff at paintevolution we are well placed to know the types of repairs the SMART repair system is capable of, whether its a small bumper scuff or full wing paint, you can be assured of our best work and keen pricing.


03. the best equipment and consumables

" been there, seen that, got the t shirt" would be the best phrase for our business.

We have been a franchisee, a sole trader in a van, a multi staff cosmetic repair center and an independent SMART repair training center.

There isnt many paint systems or types of clear coat that our technicians haven't tried, and so we use the best, only the same equipment and chemicals will do, we only perform repairs on vehicles we would be happy to do on our own cars.

04. the best training

We have been successfully training students in SMART repair for over 10 years, most are still trading profitably.

Our courses are fully inclusive of equipment, consumables and training , meaning you get the best in equipment and the best in training standards.

We offer FREE  technical advice to all our students, in order to help your company grow.

About Us

Paintevolution is a SMART (Small to Medium Area Technology) company.

Originally set up over 14 years ago a as a single van operator business  and have  progressed through multi van operations into training and SMART repair and valeting business  set up as the scope for vehicle SMART repair services grow.Both directors have over 10 years experience within the refinish trade and can call on a collective 30 years experience within the business from directors, training staff and our own technicians.

We are proud members of the following trade associations:

IMI Institute of Motor Industry, and currently have our technicians and instructors working towards ATA accreditation.

All our students’s undergo rigorous training both in a classroom and practically on site so you can be safe in the knowledge that all technicians operate to the same guidelines and your vehicle will be repaired to the highest standards.
Most of our trainees come from a variety of backgrounds and have previously included, van drivers, painters and decorators, factory workers, car mechanics and company directors to name a few.

Paintevolution uses a range of modern paint techniques that allow the repair of most minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle, without the need for expensive replacement panels or repairs.

By using state of the art technology Paintevolution can repair damage cleanly and efficiently without the need to paint the whole panel, normally taking just a couple of hours to complete.These processes can be learnt very quickly, in fact some of our trainees have repaired bumpers to an invoice standard within a few days, some take longer, and so the training is geared to the individual  and not speed of repair.

We are proud of our training methods and stick to a mentored training of one instructor to a maximum of 2 trainees, allowing the trainee the most amount of time with a dedicated instructor. Our training course has been designed and perfected over the last 6 years as our training programme increased in both length of course and skills needed to keep pace with the changing markets.The beauty of our model is that with the paintevolution model you get more for your money.

Smart repairs compliment valeting, machine polishing compliments paintwork protection, and all work leads back to the student.

If you are looking at becoming your own boss, for very little outlay and / or ongoing fees please feel free to contact a member of our team.

our history

01522 622 002 07971 000 820

Paintevolution is a SMART (Small to Medium Area Technology) company, previously called painttechnics.

Over the last few years we have seen many changes to our business.

Originally set up as a technician in a van ( previously a franchisee) , we grew to 3 staff, a unit and a mobile repair vehicle, based in lincoln

After successfully training students with our unique bolt on training packages between  2006-2010 we decided to franchise our business in 2010.

We recruited 5 franchisees in a 24 month period, but then the recession moved in and students became unable, or un willing to meet the high cost of the franchise.

In 2013 we moved our from our unit on the north east of lincoln , near the hospital, to the south of the city, to Bracebridge Heath.

We decided to go back to our original roots of paint training and continuing to service our already busy local retail work under the original company name of painttechnics .

2014 sees a new and fresh start to our current operations and as such, as one business partner left, we have decided to rebrand, and rename our business.

A fresh new start for a fresh new year !!!!!

As such paintevolution is born out of the  back of 2013, same technicians, same directors, just a new name to bolster our continued forward strides into the SMART repair business, embrace the new technology available to the car repair sector, and continue to build on our current repair techniques.

Please see our new website for details of how we can repair your car, or train you in the art of SMART repair.

Many thanks

Matt Pask



01522 622 002

The new name for a trusted body repairer in lincoln, with over 14 years experience