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alloy wheel repairs in lincoln

From light scuff marks to completely kerbed alloys and complete colour changes

Alloy wheels repairs


Damage to alloy rims and spokes caused by kerbs or other factors, which looks both unsightly and can detract from your vehicles value.

These marks , pitting and damage can all be repaired back to the original manufacturers finish using the Paintevolution alloy wheel repair system.

There is no need to remove the tyre or even the wheel from the vehicle, we do not take or send your wheels away.

All Paintevolution operators are highly trained in the repair of your alloy wheels and can effect the repair whilst maintaining the original finish of the wheel.

All repairs can be carried out on the vehicle, on site at your location and normally takes on average, one hour per alloy wheel.


Alloy wheel corrosion is becoming a common problem on cars, due to the extreme weather conditions to be found in the uk during the winter months.

These unsightly wheels can suffer from peeling lacquer, bubbling paintwork and a visible ” clouding” of the surface of the wheel.

Again using the paintevolution repair systems the operator can take the surface of the wheel back to ” bare metal” and completely repair the wheel back to show room condition.

the processes are much the same as a normal alloy wheel repair but may take a little longer to complete.

* please note – Chrome , Machine polished rims and Diamond cut wheels are not repairable using this technique *


Further to customer requests Paintevolution can now colour code all alloy wheels to a colour of your choice.

Colour changing from a normal factory silver to white, gun metal grey to car body colour.

For more information please ask your local Paintevolution operator for details.

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