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dent repair training

Just £500 to include all equipment

Dent repair training £ 500

A useful addition to the growing problem of dent removal.

This particular skill involves the application of a small round plastic gromit which is attached to the vehicle with the use of glue.
Then on application of a small amount of force the gromit is removed from the car, breaking free of the glue and removing some if not all of the dent.
This skill is a great add on to the SMART repair course as it allows the student to tackle larger areas of repair by reducing the size of the dent , saving both time and money on filler techniques.
As with all our courses this is taught on a 1-1 or 1-2 basis these principles can be learnt in just 1 working day.

Equipment to include,that is yours to use on the course and to take home with you after training:

* Full dent glue pulling system
* set of dent pulling tabs
* Gas tech glue gun
* Small dent light board
* tap down stick
* dent hammer
(Kit list is a respresentation and subject to change and alteration due to suppliers)

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