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lincoln car dent repair

plastic bumper dents, small pin dents and minor cosmetic dents

Dent repairs

Car dents caused by supermarket trolleys and careless door openers or maybe even that small garden wall can all be repaired by a Paintevolution technician.

There are currently three ways to deal with dents

1. Paint less dent removal ( PDR )

Small dents up to 3 inches in diameter, with little or no damage to the paintwork may need to be massaged out from behind the panel known as PDR or paint less dent removal.
This process can be cheaper and quicker for the customer than the usual fill and paint process.
2 . Dent removal – glue pulling.

Small dents towards the edges of panels or in areas that have little or no access to the back of the dent may require this process.
This involves the application of glue to a small plastic “mushroom”
the “mushroom ” is then glued to the outside of the dent and removed using a ” grip” as shown opposite.
the excess glue is then removed from the panel but a liquid remover.
3. Filling and painting

Other larger or more awkward dents located around the edges of panels, wheel arches, roof joints or in plastics may need to be filled and painted.

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