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Headlamp repair & polishing training

just £500 inc equipment

Headlamp repair training £ 500

Headlights can become scratched, foggy, discoloured and hazy from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental damage.
This natural deterioration compromises your vehicle’s appearance as well as your night vision, creating a dangerous situation when driving at night.
Paintevolution trained technicians can improve your vehicle’s safety with our innovative restoration process, increasing the amount of light projecting from your vehicle – while restoring its appearance to showroom condition

Why do the headlight lenses get cloudy?

Most headlights are made of plastic. Exposure to the sun, weather, car washes and road debris results in the lens getting cloudy and pitting

Why should I restore my headlights? There are several great reasons to restore your headlights:

  • An average of 9 out of every 10 cars on the road today has dirty or yellowed headlights that greatly reduce vision and need to be replaced or professionally cleaned.
  • Your night vision can be reduced by as much as 90% by dirty headlights.
  • Restored headlights will improve the look and value of your car making it easier to trade in or sell your car.
  • You will save you hundreds over new headlights

The whole process will take little more than 30-40 minutes, depending on the type of discolouration.

This unique 1 day course is able to teach this repair process from start to finish.

Or as a stand alone course to include all equipment ,that is yours to use on the course and to take home with you after training,

Air Compressor,

Airline and couplings





Full set of abrasives

(Kit list is a respresentation and subject to change and alteration due to suppliers)

Available as a bolt on to the paint work repairs at £200


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