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bumper repairs, key scratches and minor cosmetic paintwork

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paintwork repairs

If the visual impact of damage to your paintwork isn’t bad enough, the longer term problems and the resulting bubbling or flaking paintwork will quickly reduce your vehicles current or resale value.

Paintevolution can effectively repair any scuffs and scratches caused by day-to-day driving without the need for replacing and painting body panels in a conventional body shop, generally taking up to 3 to 5 days to complete.

By using advanced paint techniques Paintevolution can effectively paint small to medium damage with special auto paint in less than one working day at your location.

Paintevolution can repair:

  • Bumper scuffs
  • Vandal scratches
  • Small dents to wheel arches
  • Damage to exterior trim panels
  • Scrapes to wing mirror casings
  • Marking to interior door jams caused by trailing seat belts
  • car bodywork repairs 

Whether its at home or at the workplace, Paintevolution can come to you, saving you both time and money and the hassle of hiring a courtesy car.

Using state of the art modern technology Paintevolution uses the original manufacturers paint code system, normally found within the vehicle.

Mixing the exact colour and shade giving an exact paint match our technicians can repair only the damaged area.

This process therefore saves time and consumables which in turn saves you money.

A typical repair could save you around 50% in cost and 2-3 days use of your vehicle, when compared with a conventional body shop quote, without the need for car touch up paint.

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