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what makes us different 

no frills smart repair training - its your money 

“Sounds too good to be true” 

This is the general conception by many people about our training, then closely followed by “whats the catch?”
As we are “generally” cheaper than most comparable franchises, the general approach is that they have missed something in the small print.

Maybe your not getting the right amount or quality of equipment,( don’t forget your getting the training and the equipment to keep, for these prices, not just the training !).
​Or you might think were cheaper because your going to get lower priced inferior consumables or not the right amount of training( both untrue, of course )

So why does it sound good?

Having trained independent SMART repair technicians for over 10 years,we believed that there was a market for a cheaper, better type of business, and as such we launched the “build your own business” in April 2006.

By offering a standard training package with bolt ons, you have control over your finances.
By offering a business where you decide the van type , your not tied into a long expensive lease, that you cannot get out of.that leads us on to…….


This starts on day 1 of your journey, or should do anyhow
Picking up the phone for that initial “chat” can be daunting, your expecting to speak to a trained franchise / business sales manager whose going to sell you “the dream”, sell you a franchise right from the initial hello, sell you , sell you, sell you.

​Having been the franchisee on the other side of the phone ” a few years ago” i know whats coming,( i make no secret of being a franchisee years ago, hence i know the training, know the levels of kit).
​So you speak to myself or a member of my staff, a painter, a SMART repair technician, a real person whose actually doing the job, for a change.
Sure we are selling a product, but only to the right person.
This is why the web site is so long, so many pages, so you can get the information before you call, you can see what were offering – transparency, no mirrors, no smoke , no glossy brochures or free hats either im afraid !

Our promise to you

to help launch your business in the best way we know how
to not charge you the earth for your chemicals, we are the only training provider to provide you with our supplier list, where we source our chemicals from,
​to provide online and phone technical support, within limits and if possibleto support your business, you help us, we help you ( another 1st ? )

What we don’t promise you

“to make you a millionaire by this time next year”,
​sure it would be good to think that you will be , but honestly with a £3995 investment its not likely to happen.
​We don’t promise to get you 20 leads a week, again it would be nice.
We thought it would be better for you to spend your own money on your area, with our help and previous knowledge on advertising, where to use your money more effectively, and efficiently.
Hopefully you will put into your business what you expect to get out of it Hard work = money in the bank, a life style that makes you comfortable, or a work life balance you’ve never had before.

In summary

This is a business designed for the real world, run by a company with franchisee and independent experience, a novel concept.
A model that helps the trainee technician to grow through low operating costs
A model that after the initial cost has low operating costs and no on-going fees.
again ?

​Thanks for reading

matt pask


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